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Powerfields polywire is the right product to quickly section pastures for rotational grazing or electrify perimeter rigid fences, reducing the risk of livestock damage or injury.

Polywire is a mixture of plastic filaments and steel wire and polyrope contains fiberglass and even more stainless steel than polywire. This steel is woven into the rope, which makes polyrope stronger than polywire. Its a preferred option for windy areas because it doesnt fray easily.

Rope, Tape, Wire & Polywire | Electric Fencing Direct

At electric fencing direct we supply a full range of electric tape, rope and wire. Choose from our value, value plus and premium ranges of electric tape and rope. If you are looking for fence reels with pre wound taperope please check out ourelectric fencing accessories section of the shop.


Robust insulators for fitting wire or cord to fenceposts orange wear indicator shows when the insulator has to be replaced normal, distance, corner, top- and pigtail insulators items 1 to 24 of 61 total.

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Electric fence polywire is not attached with knots or tied together. In actual fact, it is fastened using insulators which are especially designed for this purpose. These insulators are also used to attach the conductor to the posts and so are compatible with the conducting material or polywire.

Electric Fencing Wire | Polywire And Twine | Polytwine

Polytwine and polywire is the electrified twine used in electric fences to contain livestock in both short and long fences. Electric fencing horse clippers clipper servicing dog grooming moocall solar lighting home contact us login register customer services 01241 874444.

The electric fence polywire connector and tensioner category also includes a practical polywire connection set which protects the conducting material from damage and, for example, enables connection to a gate handle or gate insulator.

Zareba offers a variety of polywire options to suit your electric fencing needs. Select your rolls of polywire based on length, color, number of conductor filaments and breaking load.